Get your ULPA/HEPA Filters' Integrity
tested by NEBB certified professionals!

Filter Integrity (DOP) Tests

Improve the efficiency of your
HVAC system by getting your
ducts cleaned by certfied

Duct Cleaning

Get your TAB work done by a NEBB
certified third party to maximize your
efforts in obtaining LEED/WHO

TAB Services

The Only NADCA & NEBB Certified Business also operating in Pakistan

Shan International Environmental Solutions is the premier Duct cleaning, Cleanroom tests and TAB services provider in Pakistan. Operating as a joint venture with Shan International Company - Saudi Arabia, our aim is to provide high quality and certified services in the HVAC sector. Our services ensure that you have the best chance in obtaining certifications from LEED and WHO. We are proud to have professional engineers who have more than 25+ years experience in the similar fields.



ULPA/HEPA Filter Integrity (DOP) Test

ULPA and HEPA filters need to be regularly tested to ensure the sanctity of cleanrooms, our certified technicians ensure that your cleanrooms run at peak efficiency.

DUCT Cleaning

Dirty ducts tend to carry dust, viruses & bacteria all throughout a facility. It reduces system efficiency and can cause viruses to spread quickly. We ensure that your clean ducts not only keep you safe but reduce energy costs.

Cleanroom Performance Test Certification

Cleanrooms need to run at peak efficiency to ensure product quality and minimal product waste. Our tests provide you with the best possible chance at obtaining LEED/WHO certification.

TAB Services

Our renowned TAB services can be crucial in maintaining your facility's HVAC system. A balanced system provides lower energy costs while also simultaneously contributing to product quality.