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ULPA/HEPA Filter Integrity (DOP) testing is an essential construction activity in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Hospital Buildings.


he duct cleaning rule of thumb according to the national Air Duct Cleaner Association (NADCA) is Simple: “if your ducts look dirt, they probably are. “NADCA suggest that dirty HVAC system Should be inspected by a reputable & certified HVAC contractor.

For authenticity purposes a Cleanroom Performance Test must be done by a certified third party service provider with certified reports in order to avoid a conflict of interest. The qualified and foreign trained & technicians with very reputable consultants & clients level up the quality and performance of the HVAC system in turn guaranteeing the best performance for the cleanroom.

Building system commissioning has two different modes of operation:

  1. Process commissioning (Paper Based)

  2. Technical commissioning (Paper+hands on)

We provide technical commissioning services as per NEBB “Whole building commissioning procedural standards” in the following disciplines.

Our testing, adjusting and balancing (or TAB) services aim to maintain and refresh new or existing HVAC systems to the highest standards. Listed below are our specific TAB services with reasons as to when and why they are needed.