TAB Lab Services

Tab Lab Services

Our testing, adjusting and balancing (or TAB) services aim to maintain and refresh new or existing HVAC systems to the highest standards. Listed below are our specific TAB services with reasons as to when and why they are needed.


Fume Hood Testing & Calibration Certificate

As per NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), all installed fume hoods require periodic inspections & calibrations. According to the ASHRAE-110 standard, regardless of the fume hood mode, whether it be in ‘As Used (AU),’ ‘As Manufactured (AM)’ or ‘As Installed (AI),’ all fume hoods shall be inspected & calibrated upon the completion of installation.


Biosafety Cabinet Testing & Calibration Certificate

As per NSF-45 (National Science Foundation), all biosafety cabinets and laminar flow cabinets will periodically require inspection and calibration as per follows:


Clean Bench Testing & Calibration Certificate

As per NSF-45 clean benches shall be


HEPA Filter Testing and Replacement

HEPA filters need regular testing and the duration of the test is dependent on the CDC guidelines.


Chemical Fume Hood Lab Services

After continuous use, fume hoods tend to face wear & tear and many solutions can be required, such as a revamp, modifications, repair & maintenance, controls modification or a modification in the ventilation system. We provide a quality service in accordance with the OSHA or ACGIH standards and will ensure efficiency improvement of the fume hood systems.


Biosafety Lab Services

Ventilation systems in a biosafety lab tend to require repair & maintenance after continuous use, generally needing evaluation, re-designing, retrofitting and commissioning. We provide new lab designs, supply furniture & equipment from A to Z, as per customer requirements.


Indoor Air Quality Test and Periodic Solutions

Indoor air quality is based on real design and the maintenance of the HVAC systems that are required for a specific facility. We provide complete solutions of IAQ in commercial institutes, like banks, offices & shopping malls along with healthcare facilities, educational institutions, pharmaceuticals and other industrial sectors.

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

Air pressure within rooms and buildings is getting important these days as it contributes to energy conservation, virus transmission and dust transportation in the buildings. It is vital to monitor and maintain the air pressure of rooms and buildings in hospital isolation rooms, operation theatres and corridors. Pressure testing is also quite common in pharmaceuticals.


Periodic Fire Dampers - Inspection and Testing

The purpose of fire & smoke damper is to operate when a fire occurs in a facility though after prolonged use, dust tends to accumulate on the fire & smoke sensors, fusible link, damper blade and the damper linkage. This accumulation of dust can put damper operation in jeopardy, causing a possible failure in the damper in the event of a fire, potentially leading to loss of life and property. We provide procedural third party inspection & restoration of PFD to a proper functional state.